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by Davey Moore

I turned the knot for the slip of the noose,
Thirteen around,
Then I tied five feet of rope to the tree branch,
Eight feet off the ground.
I climbed upon an old wooden stool,
Placed my head in the noose.
Just as I started to kick away,
I thought of you.
I didnít cower, but decided,
This act should not succeed,
What a final answer I was about to give,
To the question of you and me.
The answer is I must let you be you,
Not what I wish youíd be,
Though love you I do,
You have the right not to love me.
Romantic love is sweet pleasure,
And surely a sweet reward,
It has always been the treasure,
All hearts keep searching for.
But life is made of wants and needs,
Which all cannot be fulfilled,
And thereís no chance to have love,
That is not of oneís freewill.
So instead of taking away myself,
Iíll just take myself out of the way,
Accept the things I canít change,
Live life with a smile everyday.
I accept your decision to find yourself,
Be who you need to be,
I wonít interrupt the process,
You wonít be troubled with me.
Time passes, things change,
Hearts always have to find their own way,
I do want to thank you for all the smiles,
And happy times to me you gave.
Good fortune to you in all things,
I wish you much happiness,
Of all the good parts in life Iíve known,
You are still best.
©Davey Moore 2003 FindersRkeepers Publishing