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By Davey Moore

If given one miracle that I could do,
Id put a smile back on you.
Id give the full measure of my life,
To have that sparkle back in your eyes.
Lord knows I wish I could help,
But I know you have to do this yourself.
You need your space, you need some time,
To sort out your heart and your mind.
It hurts deep that this came about,
But, youd be miserable living here in doubt.
How or why this happens I do not know,
Hopefully the answer is just down the road.
Honey if you are not sure in our love,
I want you to be somewhere you are sure of.
Take your time little bird I set you free,
And pray that you will someday fly back to me.
If absence may make your heart fonder of me,
I pray then, stay as long as you need.
Long ago I decided, I will always love you,
No matter what, remember I still do.
Davey Moore 2003 FindersRkeepers Publishing