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By Davey Moore

O what surrenders we willingly make for that fleeting happiness,
Which comes fluttering about our hearts as warm as the sun,
Never failing to give us everlasting hope that the smiles it casts,
Will never fade away and leave us with none.
How love tends to sneak in, in the morning just like the sun,
Blinding us with all its shining light,
So blinded are we, we fail to see the noon storms move in,
Which leave us alone, to face the dark and cold stormy nights.
With gentle smiles painted happy in my mind,
I walked that lane of hope, overflowing at the brim,
Where the world smelled of roses still upon the vine,
Too late did I find what sharp thorns embraced their stems.
Cast your heart to love, but you should keep life as your own,
It is good to chance the sharing of space and time,
Worldly goods and smiles, testing the waters of the unknown,
but be not lost in it, it can consume your heart and mind.
And if the clouds of change roll through,
Youíll find yourself lost and burdened with such weight,
That you believe thereís nothing that you can do,
that will bring earthly peace, not even the grave.
I can only forewarn those of you to keep yourself in check,
but nothing can stop a heart burning with desire,
Thereís no stopping you; you will cast yourself,
ever so willingly into the heat of loves glowing fire.
No words or deeds will stop you, because love conquers all,
it takes control, it is all you will feel or see,
While all along holding your fate at its beck and call,
it owns you, no matter what you believe.
So to those of you, that has not survived unending sleepless nights,
Or those that wink at this and say maybe you! Not us!
Donít suspect the nature of that bright and shining light,
I canít teach you anything anyway; youíll have to learn it all from love.
©2003 Davey Moore FindersRkeepers Publishing