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My Love for you

By Angela M Andrews

The black velvet night sky,
Hovering above me like a twisted nightmare.
The bright night stars staring at me like

A million evil eyes. As I look for your love,
I am blinded by the blackness of the night.
I burn for you like a flaming candle,
I cry for you like the summer rain,
Like a crepitated candle being blown
In the wind, bent and twisted I stayed.
I waited for you like the flowers need the
Sun, I feel as if you are watching me,
In the eye of the yellow moon.
I dream of you like a little girl with a crush.
Sitting and waiting for you to notice me wanting
You. I want to breathe you like the wind flowing
Though the tree leaves in a cold autumn.
I get week in my knees for you like the leaves fall
Come the winter chill. I am burning for you like
The steam form the first summer storm.
I am hoping you understand,
I am hoping you will not reframe from
The love I feel so true. And it is only for you.
Now you see how my heart bets. I am hope
You will see how much you mean to me.
I am hoping you’ll understand why I am the
Way I am. And as I dream of you tonight
I know the feeling is so right.
But I feel this alone because I know you’ll never know.
I know you will reject me for the way I am to the.
I know you never understand,
Why I protect you in a cage,
Because the feeling in rage.
Maybe one day you will see and have the love For me.
©Angela M Andrews 2003 FindersRkeepers Publishing