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My Puddle

By Angela M Andrews

Another day faded away,
Another tear dropped to my pillow
Another heartbreak to add to the collection of sorrow
Another feeling to add to the soul of darkness
More to hid
More to see
More to seek
More to find
Finding only the pain
Finding only the sorrow
Finding only the darkness
Why do thy cast the darkness upon me
Why do thy cast the tears to my pillow
Why do thy cast me in to the wing of pain
Why hurt me
I ask the questions
I ask but never any answers
Never and feeling to explain
The things you do
Nothing to show me my world with you
Nothing to hid anymore
Nothing to be ashamed of any more
Knowing I am alone
Knowing that you will never know
The feelings you bring a pond me
I love you
And there is no more to say
I just wish you would change
I just wish you could see
Everything you do to me
©Angela M Andrews 2003 FindersRkeepers Publishing