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One Time It Rained

By Davey Moore

One time it rained, then one time it poured,
One time I saw sunshine peek thru my door,
But then again it rained, and rained some more,
Now it just rains like all the times before.

One time it smiled, and I mean really smiled,
I could hear the laughter of it for miles and miles,
But then one time it cried, and fell apart inside,
Then one day it died, and now is gone from sight.

One time I looked back, and became a prisoner of time,
And couldn’t get away no matter how hard I tried,
Just seem to be suspended, in a never-ending ride,
Here with a smile in my mind, as I sit and cry.

One time I really lived, but that part’s over now,
It just passed us by, I don’t know why or how,
I can’t get past it, though I know in a while,
I will when the Lord calls me to walk that last mile.

But even then, I truly believe that I will find,
That I’ll love you still even in death’s icy bind,
It isn’t only a feeling I have in this heart of mine,
My love for you is what I am for all time.

One time it rained……………………………….
©2003Davey Moore FindersRkeepers Publishing