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Poetry Digital Rehabinc.Com

I believe in my humble opinion poetry is a way of mirroring our soul translating to words Witch may express our most inner feelings. Passion, happiness, fear and darkness. What ever may be can produce the most beautiful even enticing us to learn from even learning from ourselves. Here is poetry from various poets. If you would like to submit anything please e-mail me.

Davey Moore

[ Awakening ]
[ Foreboding ]
[ Free ]
[ Love ]
[ One Time It Rained ]
[ You can move oceans and cause the wind to blow ]
[ You would rather I not touch you ]
Angela M Andrews
[ Drowning ]
[ Black ]
[ Infinite Sadness ]
[ Our World ]
[ Remember ]
[ Drunken Trying Elude Trying Tell ]
[ To Much To Elude ]