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By Angela M Andrew

Remember the warm summer nights,
I felt you slip away.
Remember the long dark nights,
us fighting away.
Remember the harsh cold chill,
of the things that where said.
Remember the dark scared streets,
as I tried to run away.
Remember me as your goddess,
who always smiled.
Remember me as the one you married,
who always loved you.
Remember me as the mother of two angels in god grace.
Remember me as the one,
who took care of you,
When hard times took place.
Remember me,
donít let me fade away.
Remember me when you look in the mirror,
Can you see me in your eyes?
Remember me in your dreams.
Iíll remember you in my heart,
That is where you will remain.
Until we meet again.
Remember we are in better hands,
God has better plans.
©Angela M Andrews 2003 FindersRkeepers Publishing