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You can move oceans and cause the wind to blow

By Davey Moore

You can move oceans and cause the wind to blow,
For you hold the moon and all its light,
Youíre the fever that burns so sweet in the day,
A fire burning ever so tender in the night.
A glow to the world that has been blessed,
To share time and space with you,
But not worthy of your affection,
For you tread the heights that only angels do.
You placed the stars before me,
As I have never witnessed their light,
Iím immersed in the wondrous beguiling,
Which I see smiling in your eyes.
Itís no wonder I love you so,
How my heart joys at the sight of you,
My soul leaps to heavenís door,
You are every happy smile I ever I knew.
My love out measures the height and breadth of the universe,
No one could love you more, not more than I.
I am a devoted heart completely,
Enveloped in the thoughts of you that hold my mind.
This is not foolish rambling,
Or a dreamerís weave of shining expectations,
But my true feelings about you which cover me,
In absolute, unabridged love without limitations.
How will I ever be worthy of one such as you?
You that rule my heart and soul,
What will it take to bring you back to me?
To stay with me, to never go?
Time? Time? Time? Slow and shadowed
In loneliness, casting me in days without light,
The mystery of it all, clouds my vision,
Without you all is night.
©Davey Moore 2003 FindersRkeepers Publishing