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You would rather I not touch you

By Davey Moore

You would rather I not touch you,
As if my touch were a thorn,
Yours do not welcome my lips,
My words are disregarded with scorn.
My shame is loving you,
With all the strength I possess,
You have canceled your heart,
And left me in complete sadness.
For one shining moment within the gaze of God,
I traversed the heart of heaven, gleaned in a smile,
In which I placed all hope and happiness,
Not knowing that it was to be for so short a while.
Consciously you made a decision,
That youíre not sure of our love,
Yet I hope against hope, praying,
That somehow my love will be enough.
To cause your heart to move toward mine,
And we can rekindle the spirit we once knew,
Before the trying time moved in,
Coloring our souls in painís sorrowful hue.
Have I been so cruel to you?
That every fragrant morsel of love has died?
Or am I being punished for the want of you,
To be drowned in tears that will not subside?
The wall is up and you wonít let me in,
Youíd rather not hear or see me,
After all the love and many days we shared,
How can you disregard me so easily?
You treat me as though I donít exist,
You refrain any contact or conversation,
You make me so insignificant, that I,
Feel as if I should welcome deathís invitation.
Soon I wonít be around to cause you,
The discomfort I tend to represent,
The tedium of the loneliness and the heartache,
Has me contemplating a final descent.
Your woe will be eradicated,
Youíll no longer be bothered by my presence,
I have decided that I should take myself,
Into the dark reaches of lifeless permanence.
A short while my love,
And I will spare you the imposition of myself,
Itís not a daring move on my part,
I just donít feel thereís reason for anything else.
©Davey Moore 2003 FindersRkeepers Publishing